2-Story Horse Barn with Hay Loft

Standard design features:

  • 4-30"x36" Windows

  • 2-18"x27" Windows

  • Access hole to second floor with a ladder

  • 2-9'x7' Slider doors for barns 28' and larger

  • 2-6'x7' Slider doors for barns 24' and 26'

  • 2- Horse stalls inside, complete with grills

  • 40" tall ASH kickboards

  • 2"x4" double wall studs on 48" on center

  • 2"x8" headers above door opening

  • 40 year 29 gauge metal siding and roof with 22 colors to choose from.

  • Building is built on treated 6"x6" runners all the way around.

  • First floor is 8' tall

  • Second floor on 10' wide buildings is 5'6"

  • Second floor on 12' wide buildings is 6'

  • Second floor on 14' wide buildings is 6'4"

  • Tack room options are also available but may not exceed the entire building length of 40'.

Size      Stalls                      Price

10x24   (2) 9'x10                $7,149

10x26   (2) 10'x10'              $7,676  

10x28   (2) 9'x10'                $8,074   

10x30   (2) 10'x10'              $8,734   

10x32   (2) 10'x10'              $9,242   

10x34   (2) 12'x10'              $9,925  

10x36   (2) 12'X10'              $10,388   

10x38   (2) 14'X10'              $10,734   

10x40   (2) 14'X10'              $12,954  

12x24   (2) 9'X12'                $8,288

12x26   (2) 10'X12'              $9,115

12x28   (2) 9'X12'                $9,803

12x30   (2) 10'X12'              $10,068

12x32   (2) 10'X12'              $11,016

12x34   (2) 12'X12'              $11,916

12x36   (2) 12'X12'              $13,020

12x38   (2) 14'X12'              $13,282

12x40   (2) 14'X12'              $14,310

14x24   (2) 9'X14'               $9,639

14x26   (2) 10'X14'             $10,631

14x28   (2) 9'X14'               $11,463

14x30   (2) 10'X14'             $12,230

14x32   (2) 10'X14'             $12,598

14x34   (2) 12'X14'             $13,484

14x36   (2) 12'X14'             $14,232

14x38   (2) 14'X14'             $15,075

14x40   (2) 14'X14'             $15,748


  • 4 - Tie Down Anchors ( Recommended ) $240

  • Larger 30" x 36" Double Hung Vinyl Windows With Larger steel Grill Window Guards

Rent To Own

  • Everyone is approved!

  • First month rent and security deposit required to order for rental agreements 36, 48, and 60 months. 24 months requires first months rent to order building

  • You can payoff anytime with no penalty.

  • Your delivery address must be within 150 miles of Rockville Indiana (47872) by google maps our zip code to yours.

  • Paper work can be done in our office or over the phone. All paperwork is completed online.

  • Auto pay is an option.

  • We also offer insurance for a small price each month.

  • You will need a valid ID with your picture.

  • Rent to own is available on buildings up to $9,999.



Site Prep

95% of the horse barns and livestock shelters we deliver are rolled off directly on the ground. The ground needs to be fairly level for your barn or shelter to sit good. You can also grade or level your site, have a stone base, or even pour a concrete pad, the ground work is up to you and we will place your building on whatever base you provide. We need 2 feet of room around both sides of the barn or shelter and 14 foot clearance height for delivery.
We also suggest that you face your barn or shelter's front door opening away from prevailing winds. We also sell barn and shelter anchors for anchoring you barn or shelter to the ground. All though our barns and shelters are heavy we suggest you consider using the anchors as extra protection against high wind damage.

Delivery Area and Options

  1. We Accept Checks, Visa, Master Card, Discover Card and American Express over the phone.
  2. There is a 3% card usage fee for using a card.
  3. ​You may also remit a check with a copy of your invoice to the address shown on the invoice. If sending a check please email us back and let us know you will be paying by check.

How To Place An Order or Get A Sales Quote

  • Call our sales office Monday-9-5, Tuesday-Closed, Wednesday-Friday from 9-5 Saturday 10-2.

  • E-mail myersdistributing@gmail.com

    • 812-239-1732

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